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Zeolites contribute to a cleaner, safer environment in a great number of ways. In fact nearly every application of zeolites has been driven by environmental concerns and plays a significant role in reducing toxic waste.

Zeolite’s highly porous structure captures particulate contamination down to 4 microns in size.

It has a natural negative charge which gives it the capacity to adsorb cations and some organic contaminants and undesirable odours.

Zeolites are highly selective scavengers of a variety of metal cations that can be removed from liquid effluents through the process of ion-exchange.

Natural zeolites are excellent ion exchangers for the removal and recovery of heavy metal cations (Pb, Cu, Cd, Zn, Co, Cr, Mn and Fe; Pb, Cu as high as 97%) from drinking and waste-waters.

Ammonia is a major issue for the treatment of municipal wastewater. This remarkable mineral has a huge capacity for adsorbing ammonia. Ammonia levels in municipal wastewaters can be reduced to 10-15 ppm after treatment facilities.

The filtering abilities of zeolites offer a versatile and environmentally friendly option to capture most contaminants found in water systems.

Natural zeolites can perform these functions due to their high ion exchange capacity, adsorption-desorption energies and ability to modification.


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