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About Our ProductIon

Our production facilities (surface mining, crushing, screening, drying, bagging and warehousing) take place in our modern factory in Manisa / Gordes. This modern facility has the crushing and sizing capacity of 100.000 tons per year.

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Grain Sizes

We can produce any grain size according to your requirements. Below there is a list of grain sizes in our standart production line:

0 - 40 microns (powder)

0 - 225 microns [d(0,9): 100 μm]

0 - 425 microns [d(0,9): 300 μm]

0 - 700 microns [d(0,9): 500 μm]

0,7 - 1,6 mm

1,6 - 3 mm

3 - 5 mm

5 - 9 mm

9 - 16 mm

Zeolite Reserves

Rota Mining have the top quality (Clinoptilolite content w% 95) zeolite mineral deposits with inferred resources of millions of tonnes reserves in Manisa / Gordes.

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Packing Facilities

We offer a customised service for packaging and shrink-wrapped palletising adapted to all our customers' requirements. In our standart production, we use the following package types:

25 Kg PP/Craft white blank bags, 50 Kg PP/Craft white blank bags, 1 Ton Big Bags

According to your requirements we can also arrange private labeling.

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Stock Areas & Loading Types

In our plant, we have 5500 m² closed top raw material stocking area, 2000 m² finished product storage area and 200 tonnes bulk loading silos.

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