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Zeolite is the Superior Pool Filtration Media.

Natural zeolite offers a unique three-dimensional-honeycomb structure and rough, pitted surface.

Zeolite’s crystal structure, irregular surface and high surface area make it a highly effective trap for fine particulates and ammonium ions.

Microporous zeolite media contains a large surface area for entrapment of suspended particles down to colloidal size.

Angularity of zeolite grains and tapered internal pore spaces allow for removal of suspended solids by bridging, straining, adhesion, adsorption and flocculation.

Zeolite removes ammonia from water. Thus reduces the need for chlorine and the formation of chloramines. The porous structure of zeolite is imbued with sodium ions which remove ammonia ions through ion exchange.

Lower ammonia ratios enable a better water balance and a reduced need for supporting chemicals. For this reason total dissolved solids are more easily controlled, providing reduced turbidity levels.

Benefits of Using Zeolite

• Improves Water Clarity
• Filters Particles Down to 3 Microns
• Greater Surface Area
• Superior Purification
• Greater Ammonia Absorption
• Reduces Chloramines, Odors and Eye Burning
• Chemical Demand and Need for Superchlorination is Reduced
• Saves Water and Energy
• Doubles Time Between Backwashes
• Natural and Environmentally Safe



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