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The natural Zeolite structure binds mycotoxins to its surface and ionically buffers the digestive tract. Due to the surface cation exchange capacity (CEC), the Zeolite surface is polar and attracts the complex and polar mycotoxin molecules.
The internal CEC binds positively charged ions such as the ammonium cation. When excess ammonia builds up in the digestive tract, Zeolite exchanges ion, thereby reducing the toxic effects of excess ammonia.

Zeolite is approved by EU for usage in the swine and poultry industry as Myco-Toxin binder.

Zeolite is approved by FDA for usage in animal feeds as an anti-caking agent.
(CFR 582-2727)

Benefits of Clinoptilolite:

• Anti caking/flow agent for animal feeds
• Increased feed pellet durability
• Improved animal growth and weight gain by increased food conversion rate efficiencies
• Strong affinity for ammonium provides superior odour control and a healthy environment
• Zeolite is a rumen buffer for the total digestive tract of high performance dairy cattle
• Reduction of scours, acidosis, diarrhea, enteritis and other gastrointestinal diseases
• Improved dispersion of feed ration ingredients by reducing agglomeration



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