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100% natural cat litter. It consists of natural Zeolite Mineral that is a molecular sponge with high porosity lock – up capability to absorb free ammonia and other cat odors.

Odor Neutralization

Zeolite is the world’s only naturally occurring negatively charged mineral and therefore zeolite seeks and holds positive ions and aqueous molecules (such as salts and ammonia) from cat waste.Unlike clay absorbents which have plate type structures, zeolites have crystal lattice structures enabling large surface areas that trap waste molecules and odours through molecular sieving capability.

Maximum Hygiene

Zeolite minerals inhibit bacterial growth, providing maximum hygiene.

Large Absorption

Zeolite will enable a longer time of usage due to its large absorption capacity.

Non Sticking

Zeolite will not stick to the bottom of litter box & cat’s paws.


Zeolite does not liquefy by its structural properties.


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