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Zeolites can reduce ammonium and hydrogen sulphide levels in fish/prawn ponds, resulting in increased fish/prawn growth rates and population densities.

Zeolite has a high selectivity for ammonium. It reduces ammonium content in discharge waters to meet environmental requirements. When used as an ion-exchange filter medium, Zeolite can reduce ammonium content of circulating freshwater from aquaculture systems as much as 97%.

The affinity of zeolites for nitrogen makes them capable of producing oxygen enriched air for water system aeration. Zeolite broadcast over the surface of a pond, without filters, is also effective in reducing ammonium. The pond-bed sludge can be recovered and used as a nutrient enriched slow release fertilizer.

Zeolite reduces ammonium build-up during the transport of live fish and can allow a greater density of fish to be transported per litre of water. The actual quantity of natural zeolites required depends upon water pH, water temperature, water volume, fish species, concentration of fish population, water quality and the rate of water flow through the zeolite bed.


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